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Download True Skate Free APK for iPhone and iPad - Enjoy Realistic Physics and Customization

True Skate Free APK iOS: How to Download and Play the Ultimate Skateboarding Sim

If you love skateboarding, you probably have heard of True Skate, the mobile game that lets you experience the closest feeling to real-world skateboarding. True Skate is a physics-based game that uses your fingers to control the skateboard, allowing you to perform any trick you can imagine. Whether you want to practice your ollies, kickflips, grinds, or slides, True Skate has you covered.

True Skate is not only a fun game, but also a realistic one. It features stunning graphics, realistic sounds, and authentic skateparks from around the world. You can customize your skater and your skateboard with different decks, wheels, trucks, and grips from famous brands. You can also edit your replays and share them with your friends or the global community.

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In this article, we will show you how to download True Skate for free on your iOS device, and give you some tips and tricks to master the game. We will also share some of the reviews from players and critics who have tried True Skate. So, if you are ready to shred some virtual concrete, read on!

Features of True Skate

True Skate is not your typical skateboarding game. It is a simulation game that uses a unique physics system to make the skateboard react exactly how you would expect. You can use your fingers like you would your feet on a real skateboard, flicking the board to make it flip, dragging your finger on the ground to push, and tilting your device to steer.

True Skate also offers a variety of features that make the game more enjoyable and challenging. Here are some of them:

  • Pure physics controls: You can do literally any trick with true control of the skateboard. The game listens for swipe, position, direction, and strength from your finger and processes how the skateboard should respond in real-time.

  • Skateparks: You can skate in different skateparks that have ledges, stairs, rails, bowls, half pipes, quarter pipes, and more. You can start with the Underpass, a beautiful skatepark that comes with the game, and then unlock 10 fantasy parks with bolts. You can also purchase additional skateparks as in-app purchases, such as The Berrics, SPoT, Love Park, MACBA, and Street League Skateboarding Championship Courses.

  • Customize your skater and setup: You can choose your character and start rolling to unlock custom apparel to show off your style. You can also customize your skateboard with decks and grips from Santa Cruz, DGK, Primitive, MACBA Life, Grizzly, MOB, Independent, Knox, Creature, Nomad, Capitol, ALMOST, Blind, Cliche, Darkstar, Enjoi, Jart, Zero & more. You can also customize your wheels & trucks.

  • Edit your replay: You can record your best lines and edit them with different cameras and effects. You can insert keyframes on the timeline to blend between cams. You can select from 5 preset cams or create your own custom cam with FOV, distortion, distance, height, pitch, pan, yaw & orbit options. You can also use a tripod cam with auto, fixed & follow options.

  • DIY: You can unlock DIY objects such as ramps or rails and spawn & multiply them to create the park of your dreams. You can also stay tuned for new objects dropping weekly in the shop.

  • Community: You can compete in global leaderboards or connect with your friends via challenges & games of S.K.A.T.E. You can also join SANDBOX (a subscription service) that enables you to create & play your own True Skate experience.

How to Download True Skate for Free on iOS

True Skate is available on the App Store True Skate is available on the App Store for $1.99, but you can also download it for free if you follow these steps:

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  • Go to the website and download the True Skate APK file for iOS.

  • Install the iPadian app on your iOS device. This is an emulator that allows you to run Android apps on iOS.

  • Open the iPadian app and search for True Skate APK. You should see the icon of the game in the search results.

  • Tap on the icon and install True Skate on your iOS device.

  • Enjoy the game!

Note: This method may not work for all iOS devices and may require jailbreaking. Use it at your own risk.

Tips and Tricks for True Skate

True Skate is a game that requires practice and patience to master. It can be frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed by what you can do. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your skills and enjoy the game:

  • Practice in Sandbox mode: This is a mode where you can skate freely without any missions or goals. You can use this mode to explore the skateparks, learn the controls, and experiment with different tricks. You can also unlock DIY objects and create your own skatepark in this mode.

  • How to do an ollie: An ollie is the most basic trick in skateboarding, and it is essential for doing other tricks. To do an ollie, you need to swipe down on the tail of the board (the back end) and then quickly swipe up on the nose of the board (the front end). The faster you swipe, the higher you will jump.

  • How to pick up the pace: To move faster, you need to push with your finger on the ground. The longer you hold your finger, the more speed you will gain. You can also use ramps and slopes to gain momentum.

  • About the medal system: In each skatepark, there are missions that challenge you to do specific tricks or lines. Completing these missions will earn you medals: bronze, silver, or gold. The medals are based on how well you perform the trick or line, such as how high you jump, how long you grind, or how many points you score. You can replay any mission to improve your medal.

  • Following the leader can be tricky: Some missions require you to follow a ghost skater and copy their tricks. This can be hard because you need to match their speed, direction, and timing. A good tip is to watch their replay before attempting the mission, and pay attention to their finger movements. You can also pause the game and adjust your position if you fall behind or ahead of them.

  • Climbing up the steps: Sometimes you may need to climb up some steps or ledges to reach a higher spot. To do this, you need to do a high ollie and then tilt your device forward to land on the edge. You can also use a wallride or a wallie to climb up vertical walls.

  • How to do a perfect rail slide: Rail slides are tricks where you slide along a rail or a ledge with your board. To do a rail slide, you need to ollie onto the rail or ledge and then balance your board by tilting your device left or right. You can also do different types of slides by flicking your board before landing on the rail or ledge, such as a boardslide, a noseslide, or a tailslide.

  • How to grind on the edges: Grinds are tricks where you slide along a rail or a ledge with your trucks (the metal parts that connect your wheels to your board). To do a grind, you need to ollie onto the rail or ledge and then land with your trucks on the edge. You can also do different types of grinds by flicking your board before landing on the edge, such as a 50-50, a 5-0, or a nosegrind.

Reviews of True Skate

True Skate has been praised by millions of skateboarders all over the world for its realistic physics, graphics, and sounds. It has also received positive reviews from players and critics who have tried it. Here are some of them:




The Sun


"True Skate is one of those "True Skate is one of those games that you can play for hours and not get bored. It is a realistic and immersive skateboarding sim that will make you feel like you are on a real board. The graphics are amazing, the sounds are authen


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